How to access on Android Phones

On the off chance that you need to avoid the tirade and go straight to the arrangement, then skip to Part 2.

A few weeks prior, I lost my Macbook Pro.

After I realized it was lost, I immediately used my smartphone to navigate to in order to use Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to locate my portable PC (It’s still called Find My iPhone even however it works for all your Apple devices).

Once the page loaded, I was hit this melancholy cloud:

I was utilizing Google Chrome on my Android smartphone and Apple had decided to prevent using icloud on Android devices from accessing In the event that you navigate to utilizing an iPhone or a portable PC things act as intended yet not on Android. I needed to waste time determining how to get past Apple’s asinine impediment instead of going directly to Find My iPhone and utilizing it to track my portable PC.

Section 2: The Solution

Navigate to in Google Chrome on Android

Open the overflow menu in Google Chrome on Android and select Request desktop site dealing with Android!

By driving Google Chrome to provide you with the iCloud desktop site, you can sidestep the restriction and use on Android. Note that the performance isn’t excessively great and you’re better off doing this on an Android tablet rather than an Android phone.

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